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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Extech BR200 vs. Extech BR250

Extech Instruments is a leader in test and measurement equipment for their award winning and comprehensive line of products that have solutions for every professional. Because they have such a wide variety of products, it can sometimes be difficult to choose between products. Some of their offerings appear very similar, but have features that may be more useful to some rather than others. Today we are looking at two Extech borescopes, the BR200 and the BR250. Borescopes are used for a variety of applications in water restoration, HVAC and refrigeration, electrical inspection, automotive, and pest control.

Model Similarities

Both the BR 200 and BR250 borescopes feature wireless, detachable LCD displays, and both are 3.5 inches (6.35 cm). This is a unique feature for most borescopes currently on the market and is great for inspecting tight spaces. The wireless displays have a range of 35 feet (10 meters) to allow for independent use of the lens and display, so you don’t have to look at the display at all times. The lens is mounted on a flexible, waterproof 39 inch (1m) goose-neck which is perfect for bending in and around tight areas such as plumbing and electrical areas that may be difficult to inspect otherwise.

Included with each model is memory card (microSD) for capturing images and video, which can later be uploaded and watched on your PC. The videos are captured in AVI format, while pictures are JPEGs. Of course, the captured videos and pictures can be viewed directly on the LCD display as well.

Another useful feature, especially for our international customers, is that these videoscopes have an interface that is available in 10 different languages, including English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, and Russian.

Included with both the BR200 and BR250 are 4 AA batteries, a rechargeable display battery, microSD card and adapter, USB cable, 100-240 volt AC adaptor, a stand, and a case.

Model Differences

The BR200 and BR250 share far more commonalities than differences. The main discrepancy between the two models is the lens size. On the BR200, the lens measures 2/3 inch (17mm), while on the BR250 the lens is 1/3 inch (9mm). Essentially, choosing between the two boils down to how tight a space you think you will need to fit in. The difference in camera size also doesn’t affect the video quality, so going for the BR250 won’t affect the quality of your pictures or video. The BR250 also features 4 LED lights on the camera, versus the BR200’s 2 LED lights. The brightness of the lights is adjustable on both, and the extra lights on the BR250 seem to give a slight bump in brightness on the BR250 over the BR200.

For more information and datasheets on each model, check out the BR200 and the BR250 in our store. You can also browse all of our borescopes, which include various models from Extech.


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